Senior Security Engineer

We are a company that combines technology with saving lives. We partner with IOT organizations, phone companies, manufacturers, and emergency response centers to locate and help people who are in a life-threatening emergency. We combine our tech and our mission to save lives every day. We just closed a huge round of funding and are looking to grow our engineering team to the next level.

We are looking for a Senior Security Engineer with a passion for making the world a better place and a passion for creating a secure space for our engineering team to build this life saving tech.


What You’ll Be Doing:

  • Assessing risk, developing threat models and performing application security testing for both our production systems and code under development

  • Assisting with security initiatives across various facets of security at the company, including aspects of application security, IT security and the technical security aspects of compliance

  • Developing strategies and assisting in efforts to handle security incidents or investigations

  • Identifying gaps or potential enhancements in existing security practices, and participating in cross-company initiatives to address them

  • Reviewing vulnerability scanner results and ensuring vulnerabilities have been remediated

  • Working with code scanning products to triage potential vulnerabilities

  • Performing light penetration testing against networks to compliment vulnerability scanning

  • Working with engineers to identify and test remediations resulting from vulnerability scans and penetration tests

  • Perform application penetration testing as needed, and effect change in development process to help avoid further issues

  • Perform and document threat modeling exercises against internal systems and processes

  • Keep up with intrusion detection and logging alerts and determine their impact on the environment

What We’d Like to See You Have:

  • Some experience in AWS and Kubernetes environments is a PLUS

  • Ability to be self-guided and capable of bringing security projects to completion

  • Experience doing code review, risk assessment and security triage

  • Experience performing vulnerability analysis and penetration testing