Lead Data Engineer – Financial Services

We are hiring a forward-thinking, Lead Data Engineer. If the idea of helping to build from the ground-up and make real changes at an organization excite you, and you would describe yourself as passionate, curious, open-minded and persistent, then this is the opportunity for you!


What is the Job?


As a Lead Data Engineer on our team, you will be utilizing the most cutting-edge Big Data tools in conjunction with our Data Science team to deliver actionable insights. We are a Python and Spark environment, and we are constantly on the lookout for the latest and best tools to advance our work. We are part of the treasury services division, a newly formed team that has been tasked to take the big data from one of our key business lines and to innovate and build around it.


What does this mean?


1) We are looking at ways to better understand our clients with this data to improve the customer experience.


2) We are looking at ways to generate new revenue streams from this data.


3) We are looking at ways to modernize the way we look at our data so we can compete with our competitors.


The common theme is that we are building from the ground-up new and innovative ways to use data science to be a leader within our company. The amount of data we work with is incredible rich, and we need innovators who are excited about having access to this data to help lead us into the future. We already have one project in production, and another coming online in a few months, so you should expect to see your work come into production in a reasonable amount of time.


We are located in Midtown Manhattan just blocks from Grand Central Station. We place a strong value on teamwork and work-life balance, and many of the people that join us stay with us for the long-haul to build their career.


What Skills Do You Need?


• Must be an expert in both Python and SQL, with a strong preference for hands-on experience with Spark

• A proven track record of experience working in support of a Data Science team in a commercial environment

• You should have a working knowledge of Pandas, Athena, Jupyter, Impala, Hadoop, Tableau, R, Java, Scala, Version Control, and SDLC




• Base salary in the $175,000 – $225,000 range, based off experience

• Competitive bonus

• Full Medical, Dental and Vision

• 401(K)


What’s In It For You?


This is a great chance for an experienced data engineer to join a top financial institution and help make real decisions that will immediately impact our company’s future. You will also have the opportunity to see your work used in production in a short amount of time.