Node.JS Engineer

Are you a Software Engineer who loves working with Node.js and React? Want to work in a startup firm with a fast growing team lead by a pioneer in software engineering? If so reach out to me!

What is the Job?

Today, data comes from dozens of sources that only a few short years ago did not exist at all. This new wave of data has become both a great boost and a hindrance to the insurance industry.

This new stream of data is helping insurers make even more accurate assessments in risk and pricing which is helping to boost profits. 

The burden is that this huge stream of data has overwhelmed insurance groups. They are having difficulty in making sense in what they are receiving and delivering it to their underwriters so they can make accurate, confident decisions.

That’s where we come in. We take this data and deliver it to commercial underwriters so they can make fast and easy evaluations. This saves both the insurance carriers and their clients, the vast majority of whom are small business owners, time and money.

Make no mistake we are building an app we are not an insurance organization even though we work with them. We are a young startup led by a leader of software engineering who has more then 15 years experience in the field. 

What are the software development skills we are looking for?

  • Two years of professional use of Node.js

  • React

  • Mongo.DB


Who Are We?

We are a a new startup who is being lead by a pioneer of software engineering and technology.

He recently left Vonage to head the technology section of this young startup. We are located in the midtown close to both Penn and Grand Central


What’s in it for you

  • Salary- $110,000- $140,000

  • Company equity