Software Engineer- Node.js

Want to join a fast growing Startup being led by a innovator of technology? Are you a Software Engineer who loves using Node.js and React? Then let’s get a conversation going!

What is the Job?

The emergence of technology has been both a blessing and a curse to the insurance market. On one hand new technology has helped insurers to reach even more areas and people. They can also make more accurate assessments when it comes to who they can and should insure.

On the other hand this huge amount of new data has in a sense swamped the insurers. It’s almost too much information for them too accurately assess and validate. Taking this data and putting it into the appropriate hands has proven to be an incredibly difficult task.

What we are doing is helping to take all this data and put it in the hand of commercial underwriters so they can make accurate assessments in risk, pricing and provide timely quotes. The vast majority of those who purchase commercial insurance are small business owners, you will make a huge impact on them and the community they serve.. 

You will use your skills in Node.js, MongoDB and React to build an app that will take the data from multiple sources such as satellite images, mobile devices, IoT, web, and open government records and putting it into the hands of those that matter, the underwriters. Make no mistake we are not a stodgy insurance company, you will be working on a cutting edge app. 

What are the software development skills we are looking for?

  • Two years of professional use of Node.js

  • React

  • Mongo.DB


Who are We?

We are a young startup and we just received $2,000,000 in seed money. Our head of technology is a veteran of his field and was the head of Vonages innovation lab. We are located in the heart of midtown and only a brisk walk from both Penn Station and Grand Central.

What do you get?

  • Salary- $110,000- $140,000

  • Company equity