Big Data Engineer (Westchester)

Are you a Data Engineer that would thrive in building out BI systems from scratch? How about working for one of the most established publishing and digital media organizations? If this sounds good to you, keep reading…


What is the Job?


As a Data Engineer on our newly formed team, you will be building out Data Pipelines and ETL using internal and external Data Sets.


You will architect and construct our analytics platform from the ground up.


You will be using all the newest technologies as a Data Engineer here, and work in conjunction with the Data Science team.


Who Are We?


We are an 80-year-old publishing and digital media organization that reaches millions of readers daily. We are headquartered in Yonkers, New York, and are an organization that prides itself in stability, work-life balance, (35-hour work week and we offer overtime even though this is a full-time role), and growth.


Don’t worry if you’re not based in Yonkers, we have shuttles running from New York City or the Yonkers Metro-North stop that will take you right to our doorstep! We currently employ 600 people and have a subscriber base of over 7,000,000 readers.


Though our company has been around a long time, we have worked very hard to keep up with the new technology trends so we are looking for talented Data Engineer who have used the newest technologies.


Even though we are nearly a hundred years old, we have a modern office space that operates more like a startup. We have a gym, fitness room, games consoles, fantastic canteen area, ping-pong tables, and trees & natural light flowing through our open corridors. We pride ourselves on our ability to truly provide a quality work-life balance for our staff.


What Skills Do We Need?


• Background in building Data Pipelines / ETL experience.

• Experience with Python

• Experience with AWS

• Experience with querying / SQL.




• $100,000

• Full Time Role with Paid Overtime (if work over 35 hours per week)

• Great Benefits Package

• Major discounts on products we test/review (TV’s, Speakers etc.)


What’s In It For You / Other Perks?


We are a name-brand publication with a long history of success, stability, and longevity. Our work-life balance is legendary, any hours put in over 35 per week will be overtime. We have the resources of an established company but the environment of a startup. We use the newest technologies and stay cutting edge in the tech industry (we have to review it after all!).