Lead Data Scientist ($175K)

Are you a seasoned Data Scientist looking for a Lead level position? How about a Lead Data Scientist position for one of the largest market research organizations in the world? A position whereby your work in Machine Learning will allow clients in a plethora of different industries to grow their business, and keep them ahead of their competition. If this intrigues you, keep reading to find out more…


What’s the Job?


As a Lead Data Scientist in our highly collaborative ‘start-up like’ team, you’ll be working with the newest Machine Learning technology to drive product innovation.


You will be developing Machine Learning models/algorithms from the ground up, from the design/POC phase, through to seeing your work in production and generating analytical insights for our clients.


Our industry defining market research platform ingests Big Data from consumer habits, and allows for analytical insights to be derived that our clients can use for data driven business decisions.


Who Are We?


We are one of the largest, most respected and visible, market research research companies on the planet. We provide precise data driven analytics to thousands of companies across the globe who use our expertise to make crucial and effective business decisions.


We have offices in cities all over the world, and you will be working out of our NYC Midtown office. Even though we are a large organization, our Data Science team in NYC have a more ‘start-up like’ work environment.


What Skills Do You Need?


• A Masters or PhD in CS/STEM field.

• Experienced Machine Learning model/algorithm builder using Python and its accompanying packages.

• Knowledge of Cloud technologies e.g. AWS/Azure/GCP

• NLP and Deep Learning experience are ‘nice to haves’




•  $150,000 – $175,000 Base Salary

• Discretionary bonus

• Robust benefits package

• 401K


What’s In It For You?


You have an opportunity to be a part of an innovative team that is helping businesses achieve their dreams through Data Driven decision making.


You can be part of one of the most prestigious organizations in our industry who have the resources to provide our ‘start-up like’ Data Science team with what they need to drive innovation.