Director of Data Management & Analytics

We are hiring a transformative Director of Data Management & Analytics for our office here in Downtown Manhattan. This is an exciting role for someone looking to transform and set in place the data strategy and infrastructure going forward at our fast-growing, innovative company.


What’s the job?


• As our Director of Data Engineering, you will report directly to our CTO.


• You will be responsible for overseeing the implementation of all of our data management and analytics for our company. We don’t have a clear direction of our data systems right now, and you need to be able to set this in place and “sell” it within the company to our different stakeholders.


• This will include implementing data procedures and systems for our analytics, finance, procurement, marketing, and other divisions.


• Our goal is to implement a hub-and-spoke model to serve our entire organization.


• You should know the latest in data technology, including where it’s been, where’s it’s going, and how we can get there.


• You will ask questions like: What is our Data Strategy? How do we architect it? How do we set up our data warehouse? What are industry standards? How does our data strategy align going forward?


• You will be in charge of hiring and building up our data engineering team.


Who are You?


You will have had experience as Manager, Senior Manager, or Director transforming and implementing data systems at organization(s), and you will have the knowledge and experience to do it here. You should be “board-ready,” energetic, organized, and able to inspire confidence when you are pitching your strategy to others.


Who are We?


We are an award-winning company headquartered here in Downtown Manhattan. We have over 1,000 employees here in New York, and are growing quickly. We are in the education field with a focus on innovative concepts to transform how we are teaching the next generation.




• $160,000 – $200,000


• Very employee-friendly environment (healthy lifestyle, open PTO days, work-life balance)