Senior Full-Stack Data Scientist for Technology Startup ($200K)

Are you a Senior Full-Stack Data Scientist looking to mentor/manage other Data Scientists? How about being part one of the hottest startups in NYC who just got another round of funding? Would you like to build out influential Machine Learning models that leverage proprietary Socal Graphing technology? Sounds compelling right, so keep reading….


What’s The Job?


As a Senior Full-Stack Data Scientist, you will be mentoring/managing our junior/mid-level Data Scientists and Data Engineers while also being hands on creating our dynamic Machine Learning models.


You will working with product managers to ensure deliverables to our clients are met, in a timely manner and with the highest technical execution. You will be driving the business value of our technology.


You will be working with publicly available and/or willfully provided data that is used for behavioural analysis through our proprietary Social Graphing technology. We’re building a better, more ethical, mousetrap when it comes to targeted advertising and we want you to be part of this new frontier.


Who Are We?


We are a technology startup that utilizes our proprietary technology to provide our clients with the Data Driven edge they need. We work with political campaigns, advocacy groups, nonprofit groups, and are now expanding into the commercial space.


We just moved to our new larger home in Midtown Manhattan, and have all the office perks you would expect with a cool hot startup such as us. It’s a relaxed atmosphere where we dress casually and have fun, but we take our work seriously and are committed to providing the most professional and effective service/product to our clients.


What Skills / Experience Do You Need To Be Part Of Our Team?


  • A Computer Science or STEM education.

  • Experience as a Data Scientist building out Machine Learning models in production, with an Engineering background for a Full-Stack Data Science background.

  • Experience mentoring other Data Scientists/Engineers.

  • We use Python, SQL, Spark, Databricks, Scikit-learn, and AWS so you need to be well versed using these tools.

  • Ability to work and communicate effectively with Product Managers.




  • $160,000 – $210,000 Base Salary.

  • Significant Equity Package

  • Performance Based Bonus