Hands-On Data Engineering Manager (Startup)

You will be the Data Engineering Manager for a small but growing team within a growing startup in the marketing space. If you want to really put your imprint on a company, this is a great opportunity!


What’s the Job?


As our Data Engineering Manager, you will be hands-on 75% of the time. What’s great about this role is that you will be building out new systems from scratch. This means you will be deciding on the data architecture, what tools to use, and how to implement them. You will be the first Data Engineering Manager for our company, so your work will make a lot of impact.


You will be working with large, complex data sets, with some of the following goals:


• Data modeling

• Implementing a real-time data processing system

• Doing ETL design

• Overseeing data architecture

• Ensuring the data is in place for analysis


Who Are We?


We are a 20-person startup located in Downtown Manhattan that is growing quickly. We are a B2B business focusing on servicing the growing startup and technology scene here in New York. We give our engineers a lot of independence to make their own choices with little bureaucracy or overhead.


What Skills Do You Need?


• You should have experience in either a management or mentorship position. If not, you have shown leadership in projects in the past

• Experience with ETL design and real-time data pipelining

• Knowledge of modern, up-to-date data technologies




• $150,000 – $165,000 with equity options