Senior Data Acquisition Strategist ($200k)

What’s the Job?


• You will be working in our Global Marketing division with the main goal of developing the roadmap to bringing together all of our various data.


• You will also be looking at Data Governance and Privacy issues around our data.


• You will be figuring out how to use our data for use in our CRM and CEM.


• Your ultimate goal is to set the vision on our division’s overall data strategy. 


Who Are We?


We are the global marketing division of one of the world’s best known and recognizable brands. We are in the process of acquiring and then integrating many new companies into the fold that will help positions ourselves for the future of digital innovations.


We are an agile environment with a big focus on building a great culture for our employees. We like to bring on ambitious people with an eye on disruption.


We are located in Midtown Manhattan, and you will report directly to our Vice President.


What Skills Do You Need?


• You must have experience with CDPs (customer data platforms) an/or DMPs (data management platforms).


• Experience with data gathering, strategy and integration.


• You ideally are coming from a consumer brand company.




• $175,000 – $225,000


• Full Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision)


• 401(k)


• Long-term Cash Incentive Program