Director of Engineering - Python - 100% Remote

SALARY $190,000 to $250,0000

We are a fast-growing startup looking to change A/B testing for marketing. We are searching for a Manager of Engineering with expertise in Python. 

This is a first-line management position, and the title is Software Engineering Director.

If you want to work in a fast-paced environment, a company with backing from some of the biggest names in Silicon Valley while working remotely, read on! 


What is the Job?  


As the engineering manager, you will oversee our core product team (roughly 30% hands-on, 70% management). 

The core product is an Automated experimentation platform - that replaces what marketing teams would do from an A/B testing standpoint. 

You will oversee a team of seven full-stack engineers. Two are frontend oriented, and the rest are backend oriented. 

You will also work on:

  • The architecture
  • Dashboard visualization
  • Work on our Google Cloud Platform
  • Develop our APIs
  • Work on scalability, data pipelines, and machine learning components

What do you need to join our Team?


We are looking for an engineering manager with the following skills. 

  • Have managed a team in the past
  • Proven Python experience
  • Experience in GCP is a plus 
  • Experience in Kubernetes, Terraform, and Airflow, is a plus

What do you Get? 



  • Base salary range is $190,000 to $250,000
  • Equity 
  • 401(k) MATCHING TO 5%
  • Completely remote 
  • Five weeks of PTO


Who are We?


Founded almost two years ago, we have grown into a company of 35 employees. We are very technology-centric, with over half of our employees being engineers. Our home base is in Boston, Massachusetts. 

Our goal is to change marketing by impacting A/B testing.

Our founders are all coming out of some of the biggest names in tech.


We promote diversity and inclusion in our candidates and encourage them to apply.



Shane McGonnell

Senior Talent Advocate, Backend Software Engineering

(646) 921-8563
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