Principal Platform Engineer
SALARY $300,000+

At our company, we work across an incredible range of technology domains: hardware, firmware, web, mobile, backend, data, messaging, content, streaming, and--of course--machine learning. We get to apply these to create a platform of products loved by millions of customers all over the world. Our Platform organization provides the foundation and guiding hand that enables all of the engineering teams at our firm to build technology faster and scale safely with minimal effort. We are seeking a Principal Platform Engineer to guide the evolution of our technology as we scale every part of our business.

You will serve as the chief architect for the organization. This is not a whiteboard role, but a hands-on engineer-as-leader who will team with the most senior engineers and engineering leaders across the organization to help us navigate some big questions. Here are just a few of the challenges you will help us with within your first year: What is the best architecture to move our monolith to unlock parallelism without resulting in toxic fragmentation? What should be included in our developer frameworks to strike the right balance between consistency and innovation? How do we optimize performance end-to-end, from device to backend and data, across multiple product lines and geographies? How do we test at scale, from hardware and streamed content to backend systems, in a hyper-growth environment? When should we build vs buy to optimize the time-to-market and best-in-class experience? How do we create safeguards against vendor lock-in? Additional challenges will be more meta-questions, such as: how do we govern architectural direction and decisions across such a multi-disciplined company?

You Will:

Be a strong engineering voice alongside other leaders through advising and driving our tech vision and strategy.

  • Partner with senior engineers and engineering leadership to define, drive and evolve engineering craftsmanship and sustainable practices across the org for architecture, technology selection, technology decision-making, design, development, and more.
  • Take responsibility for the planning, execution, and release of complex technical initiatives that span multiple business units and departments, defining the architectural vision and provide leadership for teams for design, sequencing, execution, and problem-solving.
  • Be a technical leader within Platform, influencing and dring technical investments across teams with a "Platform Thinking" mindset.
  • Review designs, tech decisions, and code, to ensure they are high quality, efficient, data-driven, and documented.
  • Find ways to spread learning and knowledge sharing across platforms, with a focus on empowering distributed decision-making without risking toxic fragmentation. Create structures, forums, and practices to level-up our engineering practice. Mentoring our most senior engineers in ways to also spread knowledge and balanced technical decision-making.

You Have:

  • A strong background in platforms, infrastructure, and engineering tooling. You have deep domain knowledge in developer tooling, CI/CD, test infrastructure, network perimeters and service meshes, orchestration, cloud computing (commodity and managed services), and IAM practices (customer-facing and internal).
  • Demonstrated experience working on large scale, distributed infrastructure systems--preferably those undergoing hyper-growth in an environment characterized by rapid change
  • Proven knowledge and experience in multiple languages: Python, Go, Java, Scala. 


Alex Dubovoy

Partner, VP of DevOps and Security

(646) 536-3319


I worked with Chris De Crescenzo from Averity, he reached out to me with a role that was right in line with my skills at the time. The role was a great fit for me with an awesome company, and he kept me up-to-date and informed at each turn of the interview process. In almost no time I was at the final interview step and Chris walked me through the on-boarding process and how to go from there. He was a pleasure to work with and professional, ensuring I was prepared at each step of the way so that I was primed for success. It was great working with Averity and especially him!

Christopher Jativa

I just had an extremely positive experience working with the DevOps placement team Alex, Daniel, and Chad. They were all consummate professionals who kept my schedule full with relevant interviews. They also helped prep me and were constantly checking in to make sure we were doing everything we could to find the next opportunity. There is potentially a lot of stress that comes with a career transition, but the folks at Averity really know how to help you focus on next steps and moving forward one day at a time. I couldn't recommend them any higher.

Brendan Hasemeier

I had a great experience working with Averity. The team was continually attentive, and very effective at presenting me with the right opportunities and advocating for me throughout the offer stage. I'd highly recommend them!

Matt Kravetz

Chris Descrescenzo and the team at Averity are phenomenal. 5 stars are simply not enough! I've worked with quite a few recruiters in the past but Chris Descrescenzo and the Averity team are exceptional. I just landed an incredible job opportunity after a single interview. Especially in this tenuous economic climate, I truly appreciated the steps and care Chris took. He was incredibly generous with his time, and made sure the position was a good match. Then, he sent me incredible prep notes which were invaluable. He followed up with me every step of the way and was always there to talk through every possible question. I have never had a more successful interview process. Hands down. I could write a novella about his knowledge, kindness and professionalism. But simply put: He is the best. Thank you!

Amy Morrison

I had a stellar experience working with Stephanie Grosso at Averity. She's got this great combo of positivity and efficiency, and she helped me land a job less than a month after we first spoke. I felt super supported at every step of the multi-stage interview process, and she's always been available with great advice whenever I needed it. Definitely a high-quality recruitment experience.

Jenny Wong


Nothing but a positive experience working with Averity and Samantha Hoffenberg in particular. Professional, attentive and extremely supportive every step of the way. Samantha actually took the time to really understand my background - no cut and paste here. Shortly thereafter I was matched with three opportunities that really fit my skillset and where I was at in my career. Prepping for interviews was concise and relevant and I was kept informed every step of the way. No guessing where I was at in the interview process. No waste-of-time body count interviews. It was obvious Samantha had solid, long-lasting relationships with the firms I interviewed with as the feedback was always informative. This is one recruiter I can and do actually recommend and the first person I will be calling if the need ever arises again.

Vincent Melia

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