Senior Talent Advocate, Backend Software Engineering

Shane McGonnell

“Find a way or make one.”

Bringing his previous experience from recruiting in Data Science, Shane joined Averity in the fall of 2018 as a Talent Advocate for the Open Source team.

Originally from Patchogue-Medford, Long Island, Shane has been a soft- shell clam digger in Mt. Sinia on the North Shore of Long Island since he was twelve years old. He graduated from SUNY Oneonta with a Bachelors in Sociology where he was also a brother of the Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity (ZBT).

In his free time, Shane likes watching his favorite sports teams including Liverpool FC, Buffalo Bills, and Armagh Gaelic Football Team. He loves fishing with his friends and visiting local breweries throughout the tri-state. He’s an avid weightlifter, and two of his favorite movies are the Goodfellas, and The Empire Strikes Back.