Ross Goldfarb

Talent Advocate
Data Science and Engineering

“The Way A Team Plays As A Whole Determines Its Success. You May Have The Greatest Bunch Of Individual Stars In The World, But If They Don’t Play Together, The Club Won’t Be Worth A Dime” – Babe Ruth

Ross was born and raised in Northern New Jersey, making him a die-hard Yankees and Giants fan. Despite this, he is also a die-hard Lakers fan…who knew?!
For the past 4 years, Ross was a Fundraising Consultant with one of the nation’s leading providers of high-end auction products and management services to the “Not for Profit” industry.

As a 1 st Team All-Conference pitcher in High School, Ross has a great appreciation for the philosophy of “teamwork”, a philosophy that defines the Averity business model and its infrastructure. He is extremely excited about joining Averity and is looking forward to this new journey.

As a specialist recruiter on the Data Science and Engineering team, Ross specializes in the areas of Data Science, Big Data, Data Analytics, Data Engineering, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, and Business Intelligence.