Principle Engineer - Java/AWS OR GCP

SALARY $200,000 to $210,000

We are the go-to name for planning your vacation and getaway, and we are looking for Principle Software Engineers (Java or Python) to join our team.

If you want to make a huge impact and you also want to work for a brand name, please keep reading.

What is the Role:  

You will work on our finance team. This team is responsible for ensuring the company stays in the black while making new investments, expanding our business, and ensuring our customers are always satisfied.

Our main project is the transformation into a cloud-based project.

Every two weeks, on a Wednesday, we want our engineers to come into the office for brainstorming sessions. The rest of the time, it's work from Home.

What Do You Need to Join Our Team

  • Java
  • GCP OR AWS, Dataflow, Dataproc
  • Experience with databases - CloudSQL (MySQL, Postgres), BigQuery

What Do You Get: 

  • $200,000 to $210,000 base salary 
  • 17.5% bonus
  • Get two weeks off every year on top of your PTO
  • Mostly work from Home (every two weeks, we have town halls on Wednesday)

Who are We?

We are a Fortune 500 company in the travel industry, and we are re-architecting our entire back end. You will have the opportunity to directly impact our new product design and architecture while working within a collaborative environment that values autonomy, ownership, and cutting-edge technology.


We promote diversity and inclusion in our candidates and encourage them to apply.





Shane McGonnell

Senior Talent Advocate, Backend Software Engineering

(646) 921-8563