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What Is Technical Recruiting?

All the questions you had about technical recruiting answered in one place.

15 Mar 2023

Averity Presents: The Hiring Manager Playbook

Every month, employers around the country are advertising thousands of new jobs in the tech sector. That…

12 Jan 2023

Tech Hiring Trends: 2022 Year-In-Review

The end of the year is a time of reflection to evaluate where we’ve been and where…

04 Jan 2023

4 Signs it’s Time for a Job Transition

Knowing when it’s finally time to leave a company can be confusing to decipher. How can you…

20 Dec 2022

How Employer Branding Impacts Your Talent Acquisition & Bottom Line

With an increasing demand for filling positions and a short supply of qualified candidates, companies are closely…

07 Dec 2022

How to Win Your Top Candidate

Winning the top candidate for an open position at your company mirrors the delicate dance of courtship….

11 Nov 2022

Averity: Where People are Our Priority

Some uncertain market conditions are upon us, we’re still living with the residual effects of the Covid-19…

07 Oct 2022

Looking For Help Changing Careers, Former Academic Finds A ‘Career Mentor’

When Jenny Wong talks about her last job, she calls it her “previous life.” Her academic research…

16 Aug 2022

Looking for a Job? Why You Shouldn’t Go Solo

Stacey Ustian admits that she struggled to land her first job in the tech sector. She had…

02 Aug 2022

A ‘Jack of All Trades’ Engineer Finds the Right Fit with Averity

Engineer Eleanor Schlechter knew what she wanted in a new job. But more importantly, she knew what…

14 Jun 2022

Averity Presents: The Job Hunter’s Playbook

Starting a job search can feel like you’re staring into the abyss. There are thousands of jobs…

07 Jun 2022

Don’t Let an Algorithm Make Your Next Hire

I’m willing to bet that an algorithm didn’t hire you or decide that you had the requirements…

17 May 2022

Signs It’s Time to Look for a New Job

Companies who think that salary and benefits are what their employees value most are in for a…

28 Apr 2022

Averity: People First

At Averity, we’re a people-first company. What does that mean? We give our team the tools to…

23 Mar 2022

How Averity Supports Working Parents

When I talk to other business leaders, the topic of working parents comes up a lot. Everyone…

09 Feb 2022

4 Key Takeaways from 2021

There were several moments throughout the past year when the experts predicted that things would soon be…

21 Dec 2021

How to “read” a Resume

When we run across a bad resume, the first impulse a lot of us have is to…

07 Dec 2021

How to Put Together an Interview Panel

When a prospective employee is about to sit down for an interview with your company, what does…

16 Nov 2021

Should I Wait for My Bonus, Or Start My Job Search Now?

The year is finally coming to a close, and you’re really looking forward to collecting that end-of-the-year…

02 Nov 2021

How to Sell Your Company to Top Talent

If you’ve browsed through any of the leading business publications over the past few months, you’ve noticed…

19 Oct 2021

Why Wait Until Next Year? Hiring for Q4 is Hotter Than You Think

Just about every article offering advice about when to look for a job tells you to avoid…

05 Oct 2021

How to Explain That Embarrassing Gap on Your Resume

If you’re feeling stressed out about that gap on your resume, take a few deep breaths.  The…

03 Aug 2021

Tech Expertise That’s Most In Demand Right Now

The number of tech jobs around the country has been steadily increasing for most of 2021, with…

22 Jul 2021

Why You Should Never Accept That Counteroffer

When you decide to quit your job, you’re probably going to have some second thoughts. And so…

07 Jul 2021

Does hiring slow down in the summer? Nope!

We’ve all heard it so many times that we assume it must be true: Hiring slows down…

22 Jun 2021

So You’re Back, But Are You Really Back?

Experts called it “the biggest world-from-home experiment in history.” At one point, about a third of the…

01 Jun 2021

Win the Offer, Part 3: Nailing the Interview

In the first two parts of “Win the Offer,” we discussed the importance of research and preparation,…

18 May 2021

Win the Offer, Part 2: Preparing for the Interview

In the first part of “Win the Offer,” I shared some insights on the importance of preparation…

04 May 2021

Win the Offer, Part 1: Before You Start Job Hunting

Looking for a new job is a major event for most of us. It can change your…

20 Apr 2021

Why People REALLY Turn Down Offers

It can be a shock when a candidate turns down a job offer. After all, you wouldn’t…

16 Mar 2021

Do you have Representation, or are you just working with a Recruiter?

Tom Brady has it easy. The last time he was looking for a job, he didn’t have…

03 Mar 2021

Selling Your Company (And What You’re Really Selling)

Consider this all-too-common common scenario: you’ve identified the ideal candidate for a role you desperately need to…

17 Feb 2021

Building A Brand

How well do you know your own brand? If I asked you to define your brand in…

03 Feb 2021

Recruiting: What Works and What Doesn’t

The success of a recruiting strategy might seem easy to measure — find the right talent that…

27 Jan 2021

Feeding America Fundraiser

I am proud to announce that Averity has partnered with Feeding America to create a dollar-for-dollar fundraiser,…

14 Jan 2021

A How-To Guide to Hiring

The hiring process is more complex than it’s ever been. The bottom line is that you need…

30 Dec 2020

What Makes a “Quality Hire”?

Many of us have had the opportunity to hire and manage countless people during our tenure in…

15 Dec 2020

The Future of Hiring

Times are changing. The nature of how we work looks nothing like it did even just twelve…

01 Dec 2020

Introducing ‘The Download’

Hello Friends, Colleagues and Clients,  If you’re reading this, you know Averity. If you’ve worked with us…

01 Dec 2020


Chris and colleagues at Averity were amazingly helpful in connecting me with exciting opportunities, supporting and communicating with me through the entire process. I definitely recommend Chris and Averity if you are looking for a new job.

Shanna Beairsto

I have been in the industry for 20+ years and I can easily say that Averity,, and specifically Erica and Pete go above and beyond in trying to make the whole job hunt process as smooth as possible. They spend a lot of time understanding your objectives and ensuring there is a strong match with opportunities they introduce to you. And then walk you through the negotiation process by leveraging their experience and insight into the clients' needs.

Rajiv Kewalramani

Averity should be the gold standard, not only for recruitment teams, but for job searching in general. After applying for a job I saw on LinkedIn provided by Averity, Mark took the time to understand my background and compare it to the needs of their business clients. He reached back out to me to let me know of job openings that would be better suited for my skill set, and even connected me to his colleague Chris to suggest some more. I had an abundance of options just through Averity, and they took care of a lot of the communication with the companies and helped prepare me for upcoming steps. They were both available by text or call (and I've never been sent to voicemail), would call regularly to check on how interviews were going, collected my thoughts and feelings on everything from the company process to my interests, and even covered for each other if one was out sick. This was the perfect team dynamic and communication that made the process surprisingly stress-free.

Shawn Squire

I recently interacted with Chad Goldstein from the Averity company. When I talked with him for the first time, he collected all the basic information from me: what I am looking for, min salary, etc. Then we talked about some open positions for which he thought I could be a good fit. Once I confirmed which one I liked, he submitted my application and handled the scheduling. I provided him feedback after each interview, and he always asked how it went. He only pushed forward my application, once he and I were on the same page. He also took care of my compensation package and in the end, he negotiated a higher salary than I had initially dreamed of. I know, If I need to find a job (and I hope not!), My first call would be him. He won’t spam you with multiple positions; he pre-filters for you and only sends you what is worth your time.

István Szabó

My experience working with Averity and more specifically Stephanie Grosso, has been really amazing! I can not recommend Stephanie enough. She has walked me through all manner of processes in the interviewing process for multiple companies. Futhermore, she provides excellent career guidance.

Once again, if you are looking for a new role, please reach out to Stephanie Grosso specifically.

Aditya Sharma

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