Integrations Engineer

SALARY $70 - $90 Per Hour

Are you a technical project manager and integrations who brings extensive experience working cross functionally in an engineering organization with a strong grasp of API and SDK integrations? If that sounds like you, then check this out!


What is the job?

We are looking for a hybrid profile of an Integrations Engineer and Technical Project Manager to own the management of API and SDK integrations to our clients. You will work cross functionally with various members of the technical team including Product Management, Design, Engineering, SRE, and Sales to ensure seamless integrations with our most important partners.

It is highly important you bring strong technical knowledge as you will bridge business development and sales on what is technically possible, especially surrounding new feature requests. 

Our RestAPI operates at a massive scale (think billions of events per day.) You will be responsible for projects at large scale surrounding SDKs and APIs. This will involve analyzing data, reading raw API logs, Tableau Dashboards, testing APIs via REST calls, and querying via SQL.

Who are you?

The best way you describe yourself is a highly technical project manager. Technically you bring a wide range of knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively bridge the gap between technicals and non-technicals.

You are not banging the keyboard coding day in and day out, but you know enough to be dangerous. You have impeccable communication skills and experience working cross functionally in engineering focused organizations on products that operate at massive scale.


What skills and knowledge do you need to be successful?

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Excellent knowledge of APIs and SDKs (how they integrate and are developed)
  • Experience managing technical projects that operate at massive scale
  • The ability to read code
  • The ability to write calls to test APIs
  • Strong knowledge of Caching and how it impacts systems
  • Ability to read API logs, Tableau Dashboards
  • Working knowledge of SQL
  • System Architecture Terminology - Languages and Best Practices (ex: Latency SLA)
  • Self Starter and can work independently


What is in it for you?

  • This is a direct long term contract engagement of 1+ year
  • Comp up to $90 Per Hour
  • The opportunity to work for one the most well known unicorns in New York


For immediate consideration please apply today!


Patrick Koehl

Director, Software Engineering

(646) 828-7390