Lead Front-End Software Engineer


Our Firm's Engineering consists of full-stack feature teams responsible for delivering products to customers, and platform teams responsible for cross-product work. The  Platform Organization supports the foundation upon which our products are built and enables teams to deliver with greater velocity and scale. The Frontend Platform Lead is a Senior Staff Engineer position and is a critical hire. They will work closely with engineers across the platform teams and the rest of the engineering org to evolve the frontend platform to provide the bedrock for future feature delivery.


They will be responsible for the overall direction and execution of the Frontend Platform strategy, including:

  • The future of the frontend platform architecture
  • Core libraries and components as part of our Design System
  • Common patterns for data access, state management, and code organization across all of Frontend Engineering
  • Continuous integration and deployment of all frontend code across the firm's environments
  • Reviewing and supporting frontend technical designs across teams
  • Participating in design discussions and roadmap planning to ensure frontend concerns are well represented
  • Driving forward our frontend community, including mentorship of frontend talent across the organization
  • Maintaining and upgrading frontend frameworks and tools
Desired Experience:
  • 10+ years of experience as a frontend software engineer
  • Hands-on leadership setting technical direction and architecting solutions
  • Experience designing and maintaining CI/CD in a complex environment
  • Experience working across teams to foster adoption of libraries, patterns, and architectural approaches
  • Experience with frontend testing frameworks and best practices
  • Investment and interest in the frontend community and ecosystem, including open-source work, StackOverflow posts, blogs, etc.

Our Stack:

We understand the importance of being excited about the technology you work with, so we’ve included our stack below. You don’t have to be fluent in it all, but we want engineers who are excited to dive in and understand these tools and technologies:

  • Language: JavaScript, ESNext, TypeScript
  • Framework: React
  • State: Redux + Redux Thunk + Reselect, Formik, Relay + GraphQL
  • Router: React Router
  • CSS: CSS Modules
  • Testing: Jest, React Testing Library, Chromatic, Cypress
  • Tooling: Webpack, Babel, PostCSS, Prettier
  • Linting: ESLint, Stylelint
  • Docs: Storybook


Patrick Koehl

Director, Software Engineering

(646) 828-7390