Senior Full Stack Engineer


If you are interested in building highly scalable systems in Full-Stack Typescript, then check this out!  We are a full-stack typescript shop utilizing Typescript/React on the front-end and Typescript/Node on the back-end.  We are searching for a top-tier Full-Stack Software Engineer, working remotely, to join a highly disruptive SaaS organization.


Who are we?

We are one of the top players in the customer service technology market exclusively servicing the SaaS market. Our clients rely on us to provide highly analytics and insights that fuel their customer service teams to ensure their clients are retained. We currently register 40m+ events per day, and we are scaling out to handle a much larger data load as our business grows.


What is the job?

We are currently rearchitecting our system for scale. As a Sr. Software Engineer you will work extensively across the full stack in a number of capacities. In addition to building a resilient over all system, you will build new features, integrations, and be instrumental to maintaining an overall healthy product.

Our customers rely on us to provide quantitative insight to drive their business. Their success is our success, and you will be integral on our journey to a massive valuation.


What skills do you bring to the table?

First and foremost you are a talented engineer who brings exceptional coding abilities and experience with architecture and design.

To you language is merely syntax and you have the ability to work with a variety of technologies. You must bring strong experience with relational databases and experience with our stack is a major plus!

Our Tech Stack:

• Typescript

• React

• Node

• Postgres

• Redis

• Elasticsearch



• A Degree in Computer Science From a Top School

• Experience and desire to work within our tech stack


What is in it for you?

We offer exceptional compensation and benefit packages that compete with top technical organizations.

• Base Salary: $200,000-$250,000 D.O.E.

• Cash Bonus: $20,000

• Strong Equity Package D.O.E.