Director, Data Science & Data Engineering

John Birchall

“Everybody Love Everybody!”

John was born and raised across the pond in the UK and is very proud of his homeland heritage. John spent 10 years in the professional sports industry before joining Averity. He is a massive Liverpool FC fan who still can’t quite get his head around that he has to call it soccer instead of football.

If John isn’t watching the beautiful game you can probably find him playing it in the Cosmopolitan Soccer League for Manhattan Celtic Legends, and will tell anyone who wants to know how they clinched the league and cup double in his first season back playing from a long overdue hiatus.

John is an 80’s kid and loves anything and everything associated with it, from Prince before he turned into a symbol to David Bowie portraying the Goblin King in Labyrinth. John lives by the words of the famous philosopher Jackie Moon: “Everybody Love Everybody!”

As the Manager of Data Engineering at Averity, John focuses on placements in Data Engineering.