Senior Manager, Backend Software Engineering

Pete Klochaney

"Never count the minutes, make the minutes count."

I am passionate, energetic, excitable, always positive and no one loves life more than me!

If I am not outdoors- fishing, primitive camping, hiking the biggest mountains I can find (summer and winter) than I am usually spending quality time with my wife of 18+ years or watching our kids do the things they love to do!

After 22+ years of I.T. recruiting I still love to do this daily! Empathy, hard work, conviction and street smarts along with a handful of amazing mentors have led me to where I am today.

Putting some thought into why and how I do what I do, I came up with these:

Effectively match clients and candidates.
I’m able to convey a deep understanding of information technology within specific job and career platforms. This allows me to gather complex levels of information quickly from our clients and candidates. The exchange of this information concisely and always objectively are cornerstones of my success.

Integrity and discretion.
I serve all my candidates ethically, professionally and with the utmost discretion. Your search will be completely confidential with all personal and company information being pre-approved by you. My candidates and clients have the right to know (by name) who is getting what level of information about them.

Predict and deliver.
Performance is another core value of mine. I provide our candidates and clients with the support necessary to make sound and well-informed decisions. Also provided are clear time frames, salary requirements, expectations, hot buttons and I never shy away from the details or the tough questions that allow our partners to begin the employee-employer relationship on the right foot. A professional and objective approach allows me to team up with you so there is never “the hard sell” when it comes to the offer stage.