The Four Essentials to Create a Superior Employee Experience

Chris Allaire
Chris Allaire

Companies invest a tremendous amount of time, thought, and money in curating a fabulous customer experience. Happy clients have a clear link to happy employees. We’ve all had the misfortune of encountering a disgruntled employee who delivered less-than-stellar customer service. So today, we’re exploring the crucial development of a positive employee experience and the direct ways it can benefit your organization. 

Employee Experience Defined

The employee experience is defined by what an employee observes and encounters in conjunction with your company. This includes the fundamentals like physical workspace and technology/tools to execute their role. Broader elements such as a collaborative environment, work/life balance, and growth opportunities are also included. The days of compensation being a sole deciding factor are long over. Employees are placing great emphasis on lifestyle and company culture. They want to be a part of organizations whose purpose and values align with their own.  

One-third of global employees strongly agree with the statement, “The mission or purpose of my organization makes me feel my job is important.” By moving that ratio to eight in 10 employees, business units have realized a 51% reduction in absenteeism, a 64% drop in safety incidents and a 29% improvement in quality. (Source here) This illustrates just some of the ways an exceptional employee experience can impact your organization and your annual bottom line.

Long-Term Significance of a Favorable Employee Experience

Companies with reputations for an outstanding employee experience are more likely to:

  • Attract top talent 
  • Retain their best and brightest employees
  • Motivate employees to recommend joining their organization
  • Draw former employees back to the firm 

Additionally, companies see an improvement in the quality of work output and thus an increase in superior client relations.

Establishing a Premier Employee Experience: A Timeline 

There are four distinct phases of an employee experience and each one produces a chance to form a bond and create a loyal employee.


The pre-employment period includes what a prospect thinks and feels during their application and interviewing process. Is the interface with your job portal user-friendly? Is the demeanor of your recruiter welcoming? Is the communication throughout the rounds of interviews consistent and informative? The rhythm originated before an employee accepts an offer is an essential part of the overall experience. 


Onboarding sets the tone for the first year of employment. During this transition, the goal is to build trust and a comfortable rapport. The employee will be more confident in their role and about their choice to join your organization if they feel prepared and encouraged during their early days at the company. 

Employee Tenure

Nurturing strong relationships with management and coworkers is a key component to the employee experience. A manager who can cultivate growth, carve out a defined path for internal career advancement, and inspire high performance is a major differentiator. When a manager knows how to unlock both potential and passion in their team, these are the types of leaders employees follow from company to company. Managers who advocate for their teams to gain new skills through training and back continuing education display their investment in the evolution of their team members. Another way managers connect with employees is to tie together their personal and professional goals throughout the year and have a solid performance review process. A fair annual evaluation opens the lines of communication and presents an opportunity for recognition. Employees who feel their contribution matters are more motivated and engaged.

Bonding with fellow employees is of equal importance. It can be as simple as enjoying perks (think Pizza Fridays), travel, and team-building exercises. Or grander in terms of an occasion that brings company culture to life, such as volunteering. Organizations want to provide chances for employees to live out their values together. These moments can live on social media and reaffirm gratifying feelings for existing employees and entice future talent. 

Honoring personal milestones is an additional practice to foster morale. Envision acknowledging not only traditional moments, such as marriage or having a baby, but individual achievements, such as running a marathon. 


What do employees observe about how their team members are treated during their departure from the firm? Is the retiree celebrated? Is the resigning coworker shunned during their last two weeks? These are not-so-subtle messages about how a company views their workforce. If a member who has resigned is still treated warmly, they are more likely to return and speak highly of their time with the firm. During exit interviews, they can share valuable information about why they are leaving and where they are going. This insight can help shape future strategies to institute a better employee experience. Employees who leave amicably are less likely to leave negative comments on company reviews sites, such as Glassdoor.

The Averity Experience

We are proud to be a people first organization. Our internal team, our company clients and the talent we assist throughout the recruiting process are all the faces of Averity. Creating a first-rate experience for each and every individual who walks through our doors is at the core of the Averity mission. We can help your company as you foster an improved employee experience by providing feedback we gather from potential talent and former employees. This data can help craft your approach and influence real change as to how your employees experience your company. Specifically, we can support you during the pre-employment and onboarding phase to foster relationships of trust and respect with candidates from the onset.  

Additionally, if you want a premium employee experience, visit our career portal and learn more about openings to join the Averity team. 

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Chris Allaire
Chris Allaire

Chris is an entrepreneur, pilot, avid golfer, pretty awesome cook, crab cake connoisseur, guitar player, and a proud husband and father. When Chris isn’t playing with his 2 daughters or traveling with his incredible wife, he is recruiting for Open Source Engineers in New York City. His love for recruiting stands just shy of his love for the Boston Red Sox. Chris has almost 20 years of recruiting and staffing experience on a National level with over 10 years in New York City, both contract and full time.