Do you have Representation, or are you just working with a Recruiter?

Chris Allaire
Chris Allaire

Tom Brady has it easy. The last time he was looking for a job, he didn’t have to send an email to the Buccaneers’ career site with a copy of his resume attached and follow up multiple times trying to score phone screening with their HR department. Of course not — the whole idea is ridiculous. He has an agent he can lean on, who’s there to take care of him whenever “the time comes” and he’s ready for a change.

The hiring and interviewing process can be time-consuming and tolling, which requires a trusted source to aid in communication, screening, scheduling, and feedback. Brady may be one-of-a-kind, but when it comes to a career approach, he’s not alone. Not everybody is on the cusp of negotiating ten-year, $300 Million contracts, but if you’re an in-demand engineer, you have choices. You can decide to put yourself out there on your own and wade through the tidal wave of responses looking for the one or two good catches in a sea of mediocre openings. Or, you can decide to seek representation and get someone on your side to take care of the tolling process of actually landing the next step in your career.

Is Your Recruiter Working for You?

Turning to professional help for your career is a smart first move, but there’s still a lot to decide. Not all recruiting firms are the same, or even have the same interests at heart.

That’s why it pays to know what you’re getting into. You could find yourself with A) some recruiter talking you into accepting a position that happens to be open at, say, an ecommerce company, versus B) working with an expert in your craft to properly market you to the organizations you really WANT to be a part of. Those are very different services, and it shouldn’t be hard to picture the very different paths they could set your career down. 

The former is what gives recruiting a bad reputation, especially in the tech industry. Too many, candidates are widgets to be processed as quickly as possible. But there are alternatives, firms that have a commitment to service, a focus on people, and a passion for what they do. They treat people like people, and they’re there to represent your interests. They’re not just trying to get you to take the first position that comes up, they help you find the right career move for you and your future.

Don’t Do the Heavy Lifting Yourself

Chances are you’ve been through the job-hunting process once or twice. Even if you’re not actively looking today, it’s worth examining your process so that you’re prepared when the time comes.

Ask yourself a question: When you’re ready to look for a job, what do you do first?

A: “I call you and your team. I know that within a month, I’ll have five interviews and three offers at companies that I want to work for.”


B: “I don’t really know. I apply to a bunch of jobs I see on the internet and hope they get back to me based on what I put down on a piece of paper. I’ll get bombarded by hacks on LinkedIn that call themselves ‘recruiters’ but who think I’m something I’m not because their robot engine picked up a keyword in my background. Then I finally quit looking on my own and just call a real recruiter.”

Which sounds more like you? If you answered B, think about how much that process may be holding you back. Now think about how much easier it would be with a strategy in place and with help on your side.

Know Your Value

You know you’re good at what you do. You know your skills are in demand. You’re at the top of your game. Your time is valuable to you, so don’t waste it. You could job hunt without a strategy and send resumes to every inbox you find, and then just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Or you could be like Brady.

The best in the business are represented by professionals who understand them, who know their needs and their wants, and who get why this is important. They have someone they can lean on. You deserve someone you can lean on too.

Chris Allaire
Chris Allaire

Chris is an entrepreneur, pilot, avid golfer, pretty awesome cook, crab cake connoisseur, guitar player, and a proud husband and father. When Chris isn’t playing with his 2 daughters or traveling with his incredible wife, he is recruiting for Open Source Engineers in New York City. His love for recruiting stands just shy of his love for the Boston Red Sox. Chris has almost 20 years of recruiting and staffing experience on a National level with over 10 years in New York City, both contract and full time.

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